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Vibrating Screen

I. Application

ABZD series vibratingscreens are mainly used in coal, metallurgy, mining, power generation, buildingmaterials industry, water conservancy engineering, light industry and chemicalindustries.

II. Working principle

The vibrating screen is madeof a common motor to make the screen body reciprocate periodically in thedirection of the exciting force, and the material continuously moves linearlyon the screen surface to achieve the purpose of screening.

III. Structural features

This series of vibratingscreen is composed of screen body, vibration motor, shock-absorbing spring andits legs.

The screen frame componentsare composed of screen frame, screen plate and fastening device. The side panelof the screen frame is made of a whole piece of high-quality steel plate. Theconnection between the side panel, the stiffener plate and the beam, and theunderframe is connected with high-strength bolts and self-locking nuts or ringgroove rivets, which is firm and reliable.

The vibration motor isgenerally installed on the upper part of the screen box or on the side plateson both sides to make an up-vibration structure, or it can be arranged underthe screen box to make a down-vibration structure. Universal couplings are usedto connect the same series of vibration motors.

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