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This volume explores the complex challenges facing Israel and the extent to which its present state structures and institutions can adapt and accommodate themselves to the diversity of security threat...
Title Israel
Category History
Author Clive Jones
Publisher Psychology Press
Pub Date 2002
Number of Page 146
ISBN 041527088X
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Israel's Prophets And Israel's Past

A festschrift for John Hayes that highlights the intersection between the prophetic texts and Israelite historiography.

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Evangelicals And Israel

Arguing that the reasons evangelical Christians support Israel is for more complicated reasons than preparing for the Second Coming, this text examines Christian Zionism and the ways that religion and politics converge in American evangelicals' love ...

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Does Israel Have A Future?

The Jewish people are in greater danger than ever before. Given the debacle in Iraq, many Americans who had not taken a serious interest in the Middle East have begun asking themselves, What are we do...

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Fully revised and updated, this second edition also includes a new chapter on the so-called 'fourth stage' of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. An extensive chronology of events is included at the bac...

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The Faith Of Israel

This comprehensive survey introduces students to the theological emphaises of the entire Old Testament, from Genesis through Malachi.

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Israel In Exile

Israel in Exile is a bold exploration of how the ancient desert of Exodus and Numbers, as archetypal site of human liberation, forms a template for modern political identities, radical skepticism, and...

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The Globalization Of Israel

This book focuses on how globalization is impacting contemporary Israel, it focuses on two conflicting trends; liberal democracy with a cosmopolitan edge, and ethno-religious traditionalism. Ram's book will stand as an ideal introduction to contempor...

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Teens In Israel

Explores the daily lives and customs of Israeli teenagers, discussing holidays, religion, education, and culture.

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Future Israel

The third book in the New American Commentary Studies in Bible & Theology Series, Future Israel explores the doctrinal basis for Christianity's support of the Jewish nation as God's chosen people. Because it is a greatly debated issue within the Chri...

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The Promise Of Israel

Why Israel's greatest weakness is its greatest strength, and what its supporters and enemies can learn from its success Israel's critics in the West insist that no country founded on a single religion or culture can stay democratic and prosperous—b...

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