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Both new and seasoned collectors are looking for an instructive yet fun way to learn more about their favorite collectibles. The distinctive new Collector's Compass "TM" series is their trustworthy co...
Title Jewelry
Category Antiques & Collectibles
Author Martingale & Company
Publisher Martingale & Company Incorporated
Pub Date 2000-09-01
Number of Page 128
ISBN 1564773450
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Calder Jewelry

Calder Jewelry features more than 450 bracelets, brooches, necklaces, and rings, photographed in still life by Maria Robledo. Also included are Calder's inventory drawings, boxes he made to transport ...

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Rhino For Jewelry

"A guide to basic Jewelry design and model making strategies using Rhino 4.0"--Cover.

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Gender And Jewelry

Jewelry responds to our most primitive urges, for control, honor, and sex. It is at once the most ancient and most immediate of art forms, one that is defined by its connection and interaction with th...

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Vintage Jewelry

Features more than 1,000 pieces of old white metal and rhinestone Jewelry from the 1920s-1940s. Explains the fashion trends that influenced the designs and offers price and identification data.

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The Jewelry Engravers Manual

Comprehensive practical manual teaches every step of the engraving process: initials and inscriptions, monograms, decoration and embellishment, more. Also includes care and maintenance of tools. Ideal for beginners. 89 illustrations.

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The Jewelry Repair Manual

Clear, step-by-step directions for cleaning and repairing Jewelry, and setting stones. Tools and equipment, ultrasonics, steaming, electroplating, more. 268 illustrations.

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Creative Clay Jewelry

Provides instructions for forty-eight Jewelry projects using polymer clay, including earrings, pins, and necklaces

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Beautiful Leather Jewelry

Melissa Cable has a knack for taking traditional Jewelry-making techniques and applying them to various materials in an upscale, modern way. In Beautiful Leather Jewelry, she shares new methods for al...

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The Bakelite Jewelry Book

Presents a collection of the finest pieces of Bakelite Jewelry, discussing its popularity during the Depression era and tracing its increasing popularity among collectors

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Answers To Questions About Old Jewelry

Make smart sense of today's dynamic world of collectible Jewelry when you rely on the answers to key questions about vintage Jewelry covered in this new full-color edition of the Jewelry collector's c...

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