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The Drawing Mind

Presents a series of drawing assignments which encourage freedom of self-expression and a non-judgmental mindset, habits that the author argues can be carried over into other life activities.

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Writing On Drawing

A collection of essays by that reveal a provocative agenda for the field, analysing the latest work on creativity, education, and thinking from a variety of perspectives. An essential resource for art...

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Design Drawing

Get the completely revised edition to mastering the visual language of architecture. In his distinctive graphic style, world-renowned author and architecture educator Francis D.K. Ching takes us on an...

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Perspective Drawing

This inexpensive supplement offers a concise introduction to the basics of linear perspective and provides a clear and proven method for learning perspective drawing.

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Drawing On The Artist Within

Offers advice on how to make use of the functions of both sides of the brain to improve creativity and develop problem-solving abilities

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Drawing The Line

A scientific and legal exploration into animal rights today considers the cognitive abilities of animals along the evolutionary spectrum, identifies where the line for rights is currently drawn and wh...

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Drawing For Engineering

Book & CD-ROM. Based on the South African Bureau of Standards Code of Practice for Engineering Drawing (SABS 0111), this is a step-by-step guide to drawing techniques. It teaches both technical drawin...

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Architectural Drawing

The classic architectural drawing compendium—now in a richly updated edition Today's most comprehensive compendium of architectural drawing types and methods, both hand drawn and computer generated, Architectural Drawing: A Visual Compendium of Typ...

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Engineering Drawing

Assists students studying for the Engineering Drawing examination set by the DoT for a Second Class Certificate of Competency. It will also benefit those studying for Engineering Knowledge papers in P...

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The Art Of Drawing Anatomy

The newest entry in the beautiful Art of Drawing series presents one of the most popular and important topics in the fine arts: realistically capturing human anatomy and the nude on paper. Richly illustrated, with every anatomical explanation shown i...

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Drawing Shortcuts

The updated edition of a contemporary approach to merging traditional hand drawing methods with 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional digital visualization tools. Jim Leggitt?s Drawing Shortcuts shows how c...

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The Art Of Architectural Drawing

I find it highly engaging and very readable. Tom Schaller has amassed a wealth of material and references to engage the reader with aspects from history, perception and psychology, fine arts painting,...

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Drawing The Process

A major International conference on this theme took place in January 2003. To coincide with this event, this book documents and expands upon the theme of ''drawing the process.'' Much debate and research is currently undertaken in this area and it is...

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Color Drawing

The Third Edition of Michael Doyle's classic Color Drawing remains the ultimate up-to-date resource for professionals and students who need to develop and communicate design ideas with clear, attracti...

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Keys To Drawing

Describes the drawing process, discusses proportions, light, depth, texture, pattern, design, and imagination, and tells how to evaluate one's work

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Machine Drawing

Written By Three Distinguished Authors With Ample Academic And Teaching Experience, This Textbook, Meant For Diploma And Degree Students Of Mechanical Engineering As Well As Those Preparing For Amie Examination, Incorporates The Latest Standards. The...

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Drawing Towards Watercolor

Drawing is the first stage of a successful watercolor painting, yet it is also the most easily forgotten. In "Drawing Towards Watercolor, Peter Woolley guides the beginner through simple exercises and extended demonstrations to learn effective pencil...

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Fashion Drawing For Dummies

The fast and easy way to learn the art of fashion drawing This fun guide gives you dozens of step-by-step diagrams that walk you through the process of preparing creative illustrations that you can later develop into dynamic presentations for your de...

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Figure Drawing For Dummies

Figure Drawing For Dummies appeals to both new art students and veteran artists who find it difficult to proportionally draw the human form. The illustrations and examples in Figure Drawing For Dummies are designed to help readers capture this elusiv...

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Drawing And Detailing SDC Publications

Drawing and Detailing with SolidWorks 2012. Drawing Templates manual for Line weight setting. Utilize the Document 1 10-0409 STEEL. Visible. Hidden .

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