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Aug 1, 2012 - This Agricultural Science Study Guide is an initiative of the University of . Evaluate. Section 1 Agricultural science word search.
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Agricultural Science

This three-part course takes into account recent changes and provides a base for the CXC examination.

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Agricultural Science & Technology In China: A Roadmap To 2050

As one of the eighteen field-specific reports comprising the comprehensive scope of the strategic general report of the Chinese Academy of sciences, this sub-report addresses long-range planning for developing science and technology in the field of a...

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Land Change Science In The Tropics: Changing Agricultural Landscapes

This book presents design techniques for control system with a specific focus on robustness with respect to matched bounded disturbances, in both continuous-time and discrete-time frameworks. Includes experimental results obtained in real-world appli...

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Agricultural Biotechnology

Following on from earlier titles in this series, this volume presents further material generated by the World Bank/ISNAR/Australian government biotechnology study.It covers the present status and futu...

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Agricultural Urbanism

Our awareness of the significant challenge our food supply faces in the 21st century is growing rapidly. However, few people offer more than a suggestion that we all grow our own food in our backyard ...

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Agricultural Automation

agricultural automation is the core technology for computer-aided agricultural production management and implementation. An integration of equipment, infotronics, and precision farming technologies, i...

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Introduction To Agricultural Accounting

Introduction to agricultural Accounting offers an approach for compiling and analyzing accounting information specific to agricultural operations. Unlike typical accounting books, this text addresses ...

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International Agricultural Development

Other topics include market failures, food insecurity, rural poverty, environmental degradation, income and asset inequality, fiscally sustainable organizations, the changing roles of the public and p...

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Introduction To Agricultural Engineer

Widely usd in its first edition, this book inroduces readers to the basic principles involved in agricultural engineering and the major problems inherent in managing land and mechanical devices--the two biggest resources in any agricultural enterpris...

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Handbook Of Agricultural Entomology

Handbook of agricultural Entomology by Helmut van Emden is a landmark publication for students and practitioners of entomology applied to agriculture and horticulture. It can be used as a reference and as a general textbook. The book opens with a gen...

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