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Whole Pump life Cycle Solution

An Pump Machinery is the pump manufacturer 30+ year experiences in pump produce and after market work. We find that your first purchase cost in the pumps only about 10% in the whole pump life cycle cost and the operation cost in spare parts, loss in downtime and man cost in maintenance is 40% of the whole pump life cycle cost and the remain 50% cost is in the energy cost which is the most important parts of the owner cost.



So, we continuous in work to improve and large the materials we could do and better performance in anti-abrasive materials like new rubber while we pay more attention in the energy cost from the supply chain in the driven supplied to the An Pump's pump efficient.

Base on AM horizontal slurry pump and BP vertical sump pump, we development the new type of AZ centrifugal slurry pump and AZL vertical slurry pump and the efficient is 5% higher in same size.

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