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Energy Markets

In 2008, with the exception of the period following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, refinery outages in the U.S. did not show discernible trends in reduced production capacity, frequency, and location fr...

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Electric Energy

The search for renewable energy and smart grids, the societal impact of blackouts, and the environmental impact of generating electricity, along with the new ABET criteria, continue to drive a renewed interest in electric energy as a core subject. Ke...

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Nuclear Energy Now

A timely and thought-provoking solution to the world's energy shortfall The dramatic increases in oil and natural gas prices, the finite supply of fossil fuels, and concerns over emissions and global warming are forcing us to consider alternatives. I...

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The Law Of Energy Underground

While energy has been extracted from the ground for two centuries, recent years have seen transformative changes to how easy it is to access underground energy resources. This book investigates the key challenges and legal consequences of recent deve...

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Energy In America

"Proceedings of a conference sponsored by the Center for Study of the American Experience, the Annenberg School of Communications, University of Southern California.".

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Eating For Energy

Learn the Astonishing Nutritional Truths That You'll Never Hear From the Medical Establishment, Dietitians, or Even Your Doctor. Thousands of Years of Real Life Proof, and Nature's Secrets to Abundant...

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Energy Security

Energy security has become a top priority issue for the United States and countries around the globe, but what does the term "energy security" really mean? For many it is assuring the safe supply and ...

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Applied Energy

Written in clear, concise language and designed for an introductory applied energy course, Applied Energy: An Introduction discusses energy applications in small-medium enterprises, solar energy, hydr...

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Introduction To Energy

Energy issues such as pollution, resource depletion, global warming, nuclear power and waste are problems demanding timely solutions. This book provides a critical examination of the resources, market...

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Zero Point Energy

This book demonstrates the exciting promise that zero point energy, which supports every atom and molecule, will soon be used directly to power a car, house, or spaceship. With a clear, simple-to-unde...

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Energy Leadership

In Energy Leadership, renowned coach Bruce D. Schneider teaches how to understand the most important personal resource of all -- energy, and shows how to harness it to achieve success in the workplace, the home, and in the world at large. This engagi...

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Handbook Of Energy

Handbook of Energy, Volume I: Diagrams, Charts, and Tables provides comprehensive, organized coverage on all phases of energy and its role in society, including its social, economic, political, histor...

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Energy Systems

Considered as particularly difficult by generations of students and engineers, thermodynamics applied to energy systems can now be taught with an original instruction method. Energy Systems applies a completely different approach to the calculation, ...

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Energy Crops

The last few years have seen the concept of bioenergy and biofuels come of age. Rising oil prices have lead to more food crops being grown for energy as well as food. This has created controversy by adding to the upward pressure on crop commodity pri...

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The Globalization Of Energy

Energy security challenges are topping the policy agenda of the European Union and China. Consequently, policy makers of both energy import-dependent polities continue to look for new responses. But w...

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PDF 180.9 KB President Energy PLC

May 20, 2014 - 21 May 2014. PRESIDENT ENERGY PLC. (President or the Company). Director Dealings. The Company received notice on 20 May 2014 

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Cut Your Energy Bills Now

Complemented by dozens of full-color photographs and drawings, a homeowner's guide to saving energy and money furnishes 150 practical, cutting-edge tips and techniques to reduce one's heating, cooling...

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View Now DTE Energy

See the Newest. Natural Gas Stoves room or specific area by burning natural gas or propane; a flame heats the air ate: Just push a button to ignite the pilot light (no matches needed) . tle extra heating oomph to a room that doesn't get quite as war

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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy has great significance for the world’s future, given the environmental issues related to energy generation and energy’s importance in our society. Making wise energy choices is no...

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Mind Energy

Mind Energy: The Power of ME! illustrates a revolutionary new process for achieving your dreams and taking all aspects of your life personal, professional, emotional, financial, and relational to the next level. Prepare for success by learning time-t...

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